Sedgefield Elementary School

804 Main Street     Newport News, VA 23605     Phone: (757) 591-4792     Fax: (757) 599-5064

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Smart, Safe Schools


Mission Statement

The faculty, staff, parents, and community of Sedgefield Elementary School are committed to providing all students with the opportunity to learn in a safe, secure, and orderly environment. As students progress through the various development stages, staff members will encourage and support, design and facilitate, monitor and enhance the quality of their work to ensure the highest achievement possible. Our vision for each student is the mastery of essential skills in order to become critical thinkers, life long learners, and responsible and productive citizens.

In order to achieve our goal, our tasks are:

  1. Create a safe and orderly school environment that facilitates learning;

  2. Maintain a climate of high expectations for student success;

  3. Provide strong instructional leadership by all members of the professional staff;

  4. Provide frequent and appropriate monitoring of student's progress;

  5. Maintain positive home/school relations;

  6. Maintain numerous and varied opportunities to learn; and,

  7. Focus on the success of each individual student.


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